Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Logistic Industry Prospects

With the growth of Malaysia's economy and recover from the world's economy, it is expected logistics sector will be growing together. Malaysia logistic industry will grow 12.6 per cent annually to RM 196.5 billion in 2015 as compare with RM 108.5 billion in year 2010.

With the transformation launch by our government, Malaysia will provide an investment-friendly environment to investor. In the indirect way, it definitely will give a boost in logistic industry such as import-export forwarding, shipping, freight management and other related business.

If you check back all the logistic industry companies, their earning are getting improve. It is the time to look back on these laggar now.

Freight Management, Century, Tasco, Harbour-Link, Konsortium are one of them


Anonymous said...

Where can i more details (i.e: plans/strategies of such companies?)
I've heard that Century's good P&L due other products covering costing). Tasco and FM does have a lot new business, and have strong local contacts.
What do you see Li&Fung? IDS is part of Li & Fung too, and IDS being logistics player should also boost market.

Kesh said...

Tasco as a subsidiary a Japan parent company, I was heard that the parent company will bring in some new production line to it. Thus, I believe Tasco will benefit from this.

FM has a good management team and its historical result already proven it. To secure new businesses should not be a problem to them.

I am not familiar with Li&Fung as it is listed in HK. Is IDS a listed company too?

I believe all the logistic companies in malaysia can do well in this year, and whoever can improve their cost management will be able to wider their market shares in future.

Kesh said...

I do not have the details of plans/strategies from those companies, however I believe their proven record. If their historical record is good. It is highly possible for them to maintain the good result in the future.

Anonymous said...

Great! thanks for sharing.

Li & Fung bought over IDS last year. Li & Fung is one of the biggest supplier for Wal-mart, by just carrying Li & Fung's brands - IDS being the logistics arm would surely grow tremendously.

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