Wednesday, October 2, 2013

POS - possibly be a special dividend in place

The group’s core values are premised on rapid expansion of its courier segment, tis five year strategic plan which should see healthy growth in its non mail segment and potential mergers and acquisitions which are in the pipeline. It was reported that POS is currently (Sept 2013) in talks with a Middle Eastern postal company for possible collaborations.

Going forward, the company could potentially set up an intl gateway in the Middle East to capture inbound courier volume from the Middle Eastern mass markets.

It is currently in the second year of its strategic plan, which sets out to diversify the company into the supply chain and digital businesses. It ultimately intends to establish itself as a regional postal and logistics player.

It has successfully rolled out its Islamic pawnshop service.

While Post Malaysia has a policy of paying at least 50% of its earnings as dividends, it has paid at 45% since 2008.

As at end FY2013 it has a Section 108 tax credit balance of approximately rm216 million.

Hence there could possibly be a special dividend in place, subject to funds needed for the expansion of its businesses for 2013.

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