Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dtasonic - prospects remainn bright

Its share base had been enlarged to 675 million shares after completion of the exercise.

Although categorised under the same group, the businesses of the two companies (MYEG & Dtasonic) are very different, hence, cannot be compared vis-à-vis.

Dtasonic prospects remain bright given the expected continued strong contribution from the secure ID and smart card personalisation solution sector such as the national ID project, passport project and other smart card project for other ministry and government agencies; large scale ICT projects, and new expansion project in CCTV and Security and Surveillance system project as well as e-health project.

Its business opportunities would stem from new application systems for the MyKad and the passport polycarbonate pages. Apart from that, it is involved in the National Border Control, and projects involving CCTVs, and hospital and transportation infomration systems.

As for providing services for the financial sector, the Government has mandate the national migration of One-Time-Pin (OTP) by 2016, which require migration of all credit card in Malaysia to the higher security OTP credit card. A national roll-out will be launched soon.

The evolving trend of credit card issuances and it has started the instant credit card issuance project in Malaysia for Citibank to enable credit cards to be issued instantly at all 15 Citibank branches and megamalls in the Klang Valley .

Datasonic is looking positively to provide its instant issuance system and solutions to more other banks in both locally and overseas. Growth for this segment is also boosted by the increasing number of credit card circulation in the country.

While its MyKad and passport segments are its crown jewels, its over-dependence on contractual-based income also poses a threat.

IRIS' competitor is DSonic.

Based on its financial results for its second quarter ended June 30 2013, the company generated about 70% of its income from the supply of smart cards and consumables, while the remainder was from the supply of hardware consumables and datapages, personalisation solutions, maintenance and technical support services.

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