Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The so called "analysts"

Analysts have always tended to call a stock "strong buy" when its price is high, and call for "sell" after the price has fallen.

Is it the way to make them rich in their life? or make them remain to work as "analysts" for the rest of their life??



robertan said...

can't help but agree totally with you. Then there are the professional technicians who earn a living off computer programs which supposedly give buy or sell signals. Ain't much different from Feng shui experts running around with a lo pan.

CP said...

hhaha. Agreed. Nodded.

I want to be an analyst too. :)


Polite Market said...

I noticed when during bear market, they keep revising the PE ratio, profot forecast, etc. The fair value keep adjusting upward.

When markey down to rock bottom, ask to sell

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