Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why I bought MBMR??

Why I bought MBMR?
Look at its financial statement, 4 quarters give you EPS 56 cents
Cash on hand RM 178 million, Net cash RM 142 million.
Current share price RM 3.40, which gives PE 6
This price should consider undervalue due to its solid business and special car demand in Malaysia.

Managing Director Looi Kok Loon recently has bought in a lot of shares as well.
28/12/2010    40,000 shares
3/1/2011        62,000 shares
4/1/2011        48,600 shares
5/1/2011        79,400 shares
6/1/2011        20,000 shares

And of course recently high volume~


luckystock said...

Any idea why the price of the share dropped recently? Tx.

Kesh said...

Sorry for late reply, I am just back from CNY holiday. Does it dropped very seriously?

I have checked back recent price movement, there is no significant movement in price or do I missed out something there?

luckystock2 said...

Not significantly. From 2.3x to 2.2x and 2.1x.
But seem like the stock is on the downtrend now. Im quite worry by it.
Any comments and suggestion?

Kesh said...

As long as its fundamental do not change, I do not think it has any big problem.

Unless there is something I do not know inside.. :)

luckystock2 said...

Yes , i totally agree with you.
I like your stock choices very much : MBMR , Century and Coastal. All considered undervalued and profitable companies though may need some patience.

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