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About HeiTech Padu

To recap in 2010 HTPadu, which derives 60 per cent of its business from the public sector, wants to grow contribution from the private sector over the next five years. It is also eyeing contracts from sectors like manufacturing, oil and gas and utilities.

HeiTech Padu has many clients such as banks in the private sector, accounting for 40% of its revenue. The remaining 6% is made up of government ministries like National Registration Department, the Road Transport Department (RTD), the Home Ministry and the Immigration Department. It provides infrastructure and network management, automates processes, manages disaster recovery sites and it also runs 20 data centers nationwide.

With the government's continuous efforts to computerize its agencies and programmers to bridge the digital divide, with initiatives such as the High-Speed Broadband and transformation of the public service delivery system, these will translates into potential opportunities for HeiTech Padu in the years ahead.

The public sector contributed 70% to the company's revenue and the private sector 30 per cent during 2010.

HeiTech Padu has successfully undertaken and implemented several projects and initiatives for its customers, among them, Amanah Raya Bhd, Inland Revenue Board, Armed Forces, Bank Negara Malaysia, Malaysia External Trade Development Corp and the Immigration Department.

It planned to expand overseas, mainly in developing countries like Indochina, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia, to broaden the earnings base. The company has operations in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the United Arab Emirates.

It is also open to mergers and acquisitions or other joint ventures and will continue to give out dividends at a rate that is better than fixed deposit rates.

It is also set for a strong presence in Sabah, particularly in the ICT sector development.

PNB ceased to be a substantial shareholder in 2012 after disposing its 13 million shares in the company. The block of shares was acquired by Amanahraya Trustee Bhd and raised its stake to 27 million shares of 26.68%. The other major shareholders in the company are Padujade Corp Sdn Bhd with 30.15% and Skim Amanah Saham Bumiputera with 13.84% stake.

Meanwhile HTPadu holds a 20.1% stakes in Grand-Flo Solution Bhd.

The acquisition would provide a platform for the company to venture into the value added business of research and development on enterprise data collection and collation system (EDCCS) solutions. It will not only enable the company to diversify its business but also add value to its existing business of providing total information technology business solutions.

Grand-Flo specialises in the provision of EDCCS solutions to businesses in all industries.

It is in no rush to increase its 20.1% stake in Grand -Flo Solution Bhd. It was a viable move for Heitech to leverage on Grand-Flo's strong presence in Thailand, Vietnam and China while Grand-Flo would also tap into Heitech's presence in the Middle East.

Grand-Flo had landed a big infrastructure project in Thailand and would capitalise on its new relationship with Heitech to work on that project. Both the companies were working on a few projects together.

The company would like focus on its e-Government Solution Framework leveraging on its proven track record in Malaysia.

Contracts Awarded ...

It has secured an IT project worth rm15.88 million from the JPN Department in late Oct 2013. The proposed transaction is expected to contribute positively to the future earnings of the group. Any renewal or extension of the duration would be at the discretion of the Government.

In June 6 2013, it has bagged an rm18.95 million contract to maintain and service computer systems for the data centre at the immigration Department of Malaysia. The contract will run for two years.

HeiTech Padu Bhd has also bagged a €4.83 million (RM21.54 million) contract from the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka to supply of 1.5 million blank 'N' series passports.The contract is for two years, beginning 2013 to 2015.

In 2010 Heitech Padu Bhd has secured a RM282mil contract from the Government to undertake an integrated solutions project for the Road Transport Department. The contract was for 24 months for system development and a warranty of 24 months.

It has also secured a RM36.79 million contract from the federal government to maintain the computer system of the Road Transport Department. It had accepted a letter of award from the government and the contract was from January 2010 to December 2011. The proposed transaction will not have any material effect on HeiTech group's net asset for the financial year ending Dec 31, 2010 and is expected to contribute positively to the future earnings of HeiTech Group.

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