Monday, December 16, 2013

MP Corp - intention to divest Wisma MPL

Debt laden MP Corp had revealed its intention to divest its core revenue generating asset … Wisma MPL.

Should it manage to find a buyer at the price of rm320 million cash, it would instantly be on a net cash position.

In March 2013, the company had a declaration of default in the repayment of principal sums and interest in its revolving credit and bank overdraft facilities amounting to rm25.7 million and rm61.4 million respectively. It also owes its creditor Amanah Raya Development Sdn Bhd rm119.4 million as at end of its reporting period.

Sale proceeds of over rm300 million would be more than enough to settle the company’s debts of about rm206.5 million. However, the reality may be different for MP Corp. Property valuers did not value the commercial property at such a high price. It is estimated that the property to be worth rm300 million to rm310 million at most. At most conservatively, it is slightly more than rm200 million.

It is worth noting that MP Corp wholly owns the 19 level office tower and three levels of car park, but it only partially owns 75372 sq ft of the building’s retail podium at level 4, with the remaining 66045 sq ft owned by private individuals.

Taking into this account of complications and need refurbishment, prospective buyers may demand a lower price. Furthermore, the commercial block does not offer good rental yields based on an investment of rm320 million.

For its financial year ended June 30 2013, 89% of the group’s revenue was derived from rental income from Wisma MPL and property management services.

Based on rental income calculation of rm12.8 million minus expenses of rm6.6 million, its net rental income is estimated to be rm6.2 million which translates into a net yield of barely 2% - a return that us much lower than the fixed deposit rates in the banks.

Wisma MPL is the main income generator asset, but it is not the company’s only asset. MP Corp owns a parcel of land in southern Johor, near Iskandar Malaysia.

However, its creditor Amanah Raya Development filed a writ summons for an injunction against the company, prohibiting the company from selling certain parcel of land in Johor or entering into any transaction resulting in the disposal or transfer of ownership of certain parcels of land in Johor.

As at June 30 2013, MP Corp’s current liabilities exceeded its current assets by rm224.01 million. These conditions indicate the existence of material uncertainties, which may cast significant doubt about the ability of the company to continue as going concerns.

MP Corp currently (Nov 2013) is solely dependent on the rental income derived on the rental income derived from Wisma MPL and by selling the property it would have lost its recurring income source, although it is able to make profit even after paying off its debts.

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