Thursday, May 1, 2014

Prestar - future potential

It is invovle in ...
- Slitting & shearing of carbon & stainless steel mother coils into slitted coils / sheets for automotive, electrical & electronic, office equipment, metal stamping indsutries;
- Roll forming of carbon steel pipes and hollow sections;
- Roll forming of stainless steel pipes & hollow sections;
- Manufacturing of steel flat bars, steel purlines;
- Manufacturing of wheelbarrows and platform hand trucks;
- Manufacturing of steel shelving & pallet racking and other storage equipment;
- Manufacturing of highway guardrails

The massive construction on both infrastructural, residential and commercial properties had contributed positively to the company income growth.

The company had recorded a 58% growth in the EPS in FYE 2013 compared to 2012 of 4.42 cents, Prestar ended FYE 2013 with EPS of 7.01 cents.

Its NTA stood at RM 1.11 per share as at Dec 31 2013. It is worth nothing that the company had a number of land and properties reserved that had yet to be revalued.

Prestar’s prospects remain bright as the company had been set to bag more lucrative projects, especially highway guardrails from going forward …
- West Coast Expressway, 273km (40km linking Ipoh to WCE to be built later);
- DASH Highway 20.1km;
- Kidex Highway 14.9km;
- SCORE corridor (320km stretch from Tanjung Manis to Samalaju), extension to Mukah, Baram and Tunoh

There is rumor that Prestar had bagged in the WCE project for guardrails which is worth more than RM400m for the 273km stretch. A 15% profit margin will contribute towards a net EPS of RM0.33 (Based on RM60m profit / 180.98m shares) on top of its current business and operation. The WCE whcih carries a GDV of RM6b will see actual job fully dished out on 2H 2014.

In addition ongoing KVMRT Line 1, the KVMRT Line 2 and the future of KVMRT Line 3 will continue to see steel demand in the coming years from 2014.

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