Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Good Bye Maybank 2 Gold Cards~

I used to use Maybank 2 Gold Cards for last few years. But after revise cashback policy. It is not as attractive as before.

I do believe Public Bank Quantum Visa & Master is the best cash rebate credit card at the moment. With the combine rebate up to RM60 per month. When you apply, Public bank will issue two cards at the same time, one is Mastercard, another one is Visa card.

For Mastercard, you can get 5% Cash Back on online transactions, capped at RM30 per monthly statement cycle.

For Visa card, you can get 5% Cash Back on contactless transactions with minimum RM30 per transaction, capped at RM30 per monthly statement cycle

With both combine cashback limit. It will help you save RM60 monthly.

So if you are frequent online purchase kaki, it is best for you to apply it.

However, there is a bad side for it. It doesn't give cashback on petrol transactions. So for me, I will still hold Maybank 2 cards to enjoy 5% petrol transaction, while apply Public Bank Quantum Visa & Master at the same time to enjoy another rebate.

Totally will save me maximum RM110 monthly or RM1,320 yearly. I believe it is a big saving for especially a low income group people like me.

Here is the link for more details if you are interested to apply.

Public Bank Quantum Visa & Master

Maybank 2 Gold Cards

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