Sunday, April 28, 2013

Potential Companies Likely To Be Take..

Key Director
Key Shareholder
YTL Land Development
Tan Sri Francis Yeoh
YTL Corp (57.89%)
Tan Lei Cheng
Tan Chin Nam Sdn Bhd (17.54%)
Datuk Ahmad Sebi Bakar
Suasana Dinamil Sdn Bhd (15.23%)
Kuchai Development
Lee Soo Hoon
Kluang Rubber (41.91%)
Sungei Bagan Rubber
Lee Soo Hoon
Kluang Rubber (31.89%)
Kluang Rubber Co
Lee Soo Hoon
The Nyala Rubber (41.59%)
Datuk Sei Ismail Yusof
Minho (29.39%)

YTL Land

As YTL Land seeks to take private some of its listed companies to create more values for its shareholders, could YTL Land & Development Bhd becomes the next candidate?

Its MTA stood at rm1.15 per share.

It has more than 809ha of strategic land development in Malaysia with an estimated sales value of rm12 billion.

Meanwhile YTK Corp’s MD Tans Sri Francis Yeoh made no secret about the company’s plan to take private some of its listed companies to consolidate its businesses and distribute more dividends to its shareholders.

Going forward, its bright prospects will be its development in Sentul, KL In addition, it is developing a premium residential condominium project on Orchard Boulevard in Singapore.


It is linked to Tan Sri Tan Chin Nam. He has been buying back its own shares since July
2012. As at April 2013, the company bought back 35.12 million shares which are held under treasury for a total of rm4.41 million.

Its NTA stood at rm2.31 per share as at April 2013.

GOLDIS has been thinly traded due to lack of corporate developments.


Since making a turnaround in financial year ended 2009, the group with diversified businesses in hospitality, property and ICT has been revamping its operations.

Its group chairman Datuk Ahmad Sebi Bakar is a major shareholder of Suasana Dinamik Sdn Bhd which in turn is a substantial shareholder of ASB.

Kuchai Dev/SBagan/Kluang

All three companies have common shareholders. Kluang Rubber and Sungai Bagan hold 41.91% stake and 9.38% direct stakes respectively in Kuchai Development Bhd.

With two parcels of land of about 3.24ha, one leased out in Singapore and the other an unused mining land located in Ulu Langat Selangor, there are not many fixed assets that Kuchai Development is holding to developed and expand its business.

Currently (April 2013), the company’s revenue is derived from rental income from its property in Singapore and dividend income from investment in securities.

There is a possibility of the company being taken private.

Meanwhile Kuchai Development director Lee Chung Shih has 0.19% direct interest and 51.28% indirect interest in the company. Lee is also a director of Sungai Bagan and Kluang Rubber.

Sungai Bagan’s NTA stood at rm6.07 and Kluang’s NTA stood at rm6.42.


Its NTA stood at rm2.73 per share.

It is involved in timber manufacturer. It had also diversified into property development.

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