Thursday, May 30, 2013


Its earnings growth for the next five years from 2013 to be driven by its operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Turkey.

Its first phase of Mount Elizabeth Novena hospital had commenced operations in July 2012.

In Malaysia the company was currently (May 2013) undertaking expansion projects in four hospitals Gleneagles Medical centre Penang, Pantai Hospital KL, Klang and Gleneagles KL – and greenfield projects in KK, Manjung and Medini.

The three greenfield projects will add an estimated 500 beds to its network by 2014.

Meanwhile in Turkey, the company through its subsidiary, Acibadem, is currently (May 2013) undertaking expansion projects in two hospitals.

The group’s growth frontier would be HK, making its foray via winning a site for a greenfield project in HK, which is scheduled for commencement in financial year 2016. This acts as a platform to penetrate deeper into the large and underserved market in HK.

IHH was expected to continue its efforts to intensify revenue and exposure in its three key markets, Malaysia, Singapore and Turkey, to propel growth further underpinned by strong franchise value.

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