Saturday, June 8, 2013

About Zhulian

It is a direct selling company founded in 1989. Its initial core business was in distributing gold plated jewellery through MLM. Its distributors supply a variety of products, including home care products, nutritional beverages, jewellery and more.

The group also manufactures a broad range of self developed high quality products including jewellery and nutritional food and beverages. This gives the group better control over the cost and quality of goods in the event of a hike in petrol, sugar and flour prices. Currently (June 2013), about 75% to 80% of the products are manufactured in house.

Since listing in 2007, the group has been scoring its profit before tax margin above 30%. Its net margin still stood at 24.6%, in 2008 despite the subprime crisis.

Bright prospects for the group will be underpinned by robust distributor growth and periodic introduction of new products. There are also plans to penetrate other Asean countries.

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