Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Yoong Onn Corp - small and beautiful

It is on an expansion trail to meet growing demand for home linen and bedding accessories.

Its home grown brands – Jean Perry, Novelle and Louis Casa are well known premium household brands in the local home linen and bedding accessories market.

At rm0.78 per share, it is trading at 0.62 times which is at a discount of 40% to its peers’ average of 10.4 times. It is also trading at 0.9 times its book value of 87 sen per share.

The company has achieved a good give year net profit compound annual growth rate of 14%.

The company is in a net cash position of rm7.24 million after taking into account borrowings of rm24.12 million.

Sales of premium department stores make up half of the total revenue.

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