Tuesday, January 7, 2014

O&G Supporting Companies - more contracts to come in 2014

Around RM30 billion of domestic contracts were dished out in 2013, a far cry from the RM10 billion contract wins in 2012. More contracts are to come in 2014.

Offshore support vessel (OSV) and jack-up rig contracts could be in the forefront as many OSV contracts have been up for tender since the end of the third quarter 2013. The jack-up rig scene would continue to heat up as many of the Malaysian new jack-up rigs would be entering the market come mid-2014.

Assuming a positive decision on the final investment decision for the RAPID project, the downstream-related stocks would enjoy renewed investors' interest. The final investment decision for RAPID project is expected by the first quarter of 2014.

Given its significance to the Malaysian economy, all efforts will be taken to ensure that the project is good-to-go.

In anticipation of a more positive outlook for Pengerang, Dialog Group Bhd would likely move ahead with the LNG terminal for the Pengerang project.

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