Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fitters ... To Capture 10% of Domestic Pipe Market

It subsidiary – Molecor SEA - is eyeing to capture 10% share of the domestic water pipe market by 2015.

The company was entering the South East Asia region water pipe market after securing exclusive rights to manufacture and market PVC-O pipes under the Hypro brand.

Molecor developed and patented the molecular orientation technology that gives PVC-O pipes higher impact resistance and longer lifespan of up to 50 years compared with 30 year lifespan of conventional steel based pipes.

The company would invest rm80 million in capex for its manufacturing plant in Kuatan.

PVC-O pipes were much lighter than conventional pipes, a 6 – diameter PVC-O pipe typically weighs 18kg approximately one-tenth the weight of a similar sized ductile iron pipe.

The PVC-O pipes were resistant to corrosion and natural chemical substances to ensure consistent fluid quality. They are also ideal for high pressure water transport from water treatment plants to distribution pipeline for industrial and household usage. Moreover, the completely watertight joints prevent leakage during fluid transport.

The current (March 2014) water crisis in Malaysia highlights the urgent need for pipe replacement initiatives so as to minimize water interruption and prevent further wastage of water.

PVC-O pipes produced using Molecor’s technology have a track record of effective implementations in several countries to date, including Australia, Italy, France, Spain, South Africa and Ecuador.
It hopes to replicate that success in Malaysia and for a start aim to capture 10% share of the domestic water pipe market within the first full year of operations.

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