Sunday, May 11, 2014


Its current order book estimated at close to rm3 billion.

It is the only piling contractor listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Its strength lies in its consistently high profit margins due to the low cost involved in carrying out piling works. Its net profit margins averaged 25% between FY2010 and FY2013.

Given that piling margins are high, its order book of rm300 million could produce profits that are equivalent to those contributed by much higher contracts in general construction.

It is optimistic of securing new jobs from major infra projects.

With a slew of major projects on the horizon, such as KVMRT Line 2 and the TRX, piling rates may increase as there is a capacity shortage in the industry.

While Pintaras Jaya commands a market share of about 10%, it is worth nothing that the piling industry is not dominated by any single player.

Its net profit grew from rm11.47 million in FY2009 to rm52.32 million in FY2013.

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