Sunday, July 6, 2014

BFoods ... SSSG Still Growing !!!

Its Starbucks Coffee is doing well registering same store sales growth in the mid teens despite stiff competition and weak consumer demand.

The SSSG is still growing in double digits for fifth consecutive year.

BJFood shares half the profits of Starbucks in Malaysia by virtue of its 50% stake in Berjaya Starbucks Coffee Co Sdn Bhd, a JV between itself and Starbucks Foccee Intl Inc.

Aside from Starbucks Coffee, BJFood also operates food restaurants Kenny Rogers in Malaysia and Indonesia and Jollibean Foods in Singapore.

KRR was the second largest contributor to BJFood.

It is seeking actively strategic locations to build and operate Starbucks Coffee drive throughs, which will likely boost its sales.

Its Indonesia’s restaurants is still making losses which still need some gestation period.

BJFood opens its first Starbucks Coffee in Brunei.

Up to 65% of BJFood’s revenue comes from local operations and the rest of it from Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. The company sees overseas sales contributing 40 % to revenue in the next two years from 2014.

With the Indonesia’s outlets still making losses, those in Malaysia contribute the bulk of the group’s profit followed by Singapore.

BJFOOD has been removed from the SC’s shariah compliant securities list.

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