Friday, January 16, 2015

'Like' - Prlexus ..

It is engaged in apparel manufacturing and retailing and outdoor advertising. It owns and operates three garment manufacturing plants in Malaysia and China.

It has a 52% stake in HIQ Media Sdn Bhd which operates Powerscreen, Malaysia’s leading outdoor LED screen advertising company. For July 2013, the garments segment accounted for 97.2% of sales and 98.7% of pre tax profit.

The company exports most of its products. The US accounted for 71% of total sales in FY2013 followed by the EU and Malaysia.

For FY2014 pre tax profit surged 25% to rm24.2 million on the back of a similar rise in sales to rm294 million.

As at end of July 2014, net cash stood at rm23.4 million or rm0.30 per share. Net margin was at a 5 year high of 7.1% in FY2014.

The stock is trading at a low trailing 12 month PER of 7.1 times and 1.4 times book.

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