Thursday, February 5, 2015

About Pentamaster ..

A semiconductor equipment manufacturer is expecting a strong double-digit percentage growth for the second half of 2014 over the same period a year ago.

On new products, Pentamaster had started delivering semiconductor test equipment that were capable of checking micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs) sensors used in smart mobile devices. The orders are for the group’s Japanese, South Korean and American integrated circuit (IC) and micro-electromechanical system (MEMs) sensor manufacturing customers.

This new range of semiconductor test equipment is expected to generate the bulk of the semiconductor test equipment contribution to the group.

The semiconductor segment generates about 50% of the group’s revenue annually.

On the group’s light-emitting diode (LED) test equipment business, it would focus more on the automotive segment than the general lighting market.

For 2014 the LED test equipment segment is expected to generate about 15% of the group’s revenue.

On its glove manufacturing machine business, the segment would contribute about 20% of the group’s business in 2014, compared to less than 10% in 2013.

For the second quarter ended June 30, 2014, the group posted RM2.2mil in net profit on the back of RM26.6mil in revenue, compared to RM778,000 and RM17.2mil achieved in the same period last year respectively.

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