Thursday, March 26, 2015

About Sasbadi ..

Currently (March 2015) it derives more than 80% of its turnover from syllabus-based publications.

It is looking to complement its revenue stream for its financial year ending August 2015 (FY15) with its new products which were launched late Feb 2015.

It will focus on its dynamic learning division, and will include those that incorporate technological advancements with conventional learning methods, such as interactive bookmarks.

It will increase [revenue] growth from digital products in FY15.

Its new products include an electronic tablet designed especially for teacher training colleges.

In October 2014, Sasbadi acquired all the rights, title and interest in the New products to complement Sasbadi’s FY15 revenue publishing list of Penerbitan Multimedia Sdn Bhd (PMSB) relating to learning and educational materials, which included 240 titles on teacher training as well as the PMSB trademark for RM1 million.

The group is also anticipating revenue contribution from its licence and service agreement (LSA) with Indonesian company PT Penerbit Erlangga.

The LSA, inked in October 2014 between the group’s wholly-owned subsidiary Sasbadi Online Sdn Bhd and Penerbit Erlangga, will generate US$300,000 (RM 1.11 million) in one-off non-refundable income for Sasbadi Online in FY15. The LSA allows Penerbit Erlangga to use Sasbadi’s interactive online learning system i-Learn.

They (Penerbit Erlangga) are using [Sasbadi’s] i-Learn as a platform for their contents, which will be based on the Indonesian syllabus. Once they launch their products in March 2015 it will be entitled to 8% royalty from products sold using our i-Learn platform.

The group also ventured into the the Malaysian Higher School Certificate (STPM) market in 2013 when it signed an IP Rights Assignment Agreement for RM5.5 million with Pearson Malaysia Sdn Bhd, which gave it access to the publication of STPM material.

Sasbadi’s focus as an education solutions provider is to look at publishing activity as contents development rather than mere book publishing.

The group will be acquiring a Chinese-based syllabus publisher catering to Chinese medium schools in the country.

The group has set aside RM10.5 million out of its RM25.2 million initial public offering (IPO) proceeds for the acquisition of publishing businesses.

There are also plans to utilise RM1 million of its IPO proceeds for the establishment of two applied learning centres to provide training and education to young children.

Sasbadi reported a net profit of RM12.25 million on the back of RM79.51 million revenue for its FY ended August 2014. Its net profit in FY14 was 3.94% lower than a year earlier, mainly due to RM1.33 million listing expenses incurred.

For its first quarter ended November 2014 (1QFY15), Sasbadi reported a net profit of RM1.65 million on revenue of RM16.32 million.

With these new developments, Sasbadi hopes to have a more even revenue contribution for the four quarters, thus eliminating the seasonality of its business.

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