Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Xingquan: A China based manufacturer.

For 9MFy2015, net profit grew an outsized 51.2% year on year to CNY232.24 million on the back of a 14.2% increase in revenue to CNY1.03 billion mainly due to increased sales of shoe soles, higher average selling price of apparel and an unrealized forex gain of CNY40.11 million.

The company manufactures and sells show shoes to manufacturers. It also manufactures and sells shoes, apparels and accessories under its own brand.

For Fy2014, net profit jumped 32.75% to CNY176.64 million while revenue fell 24.7% to CNY1.23 billion mainly attributed to lower sales of shoes and apparel.

It trades at a trailing 12 month PER of 1.55 times and 0.19 times book.

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