Monday, January 4, 2016

NO surpirse for SCH Group for next quarter

There should a no surprise for SCH Group in next quarter.

According to their quarterly report, 3Q15Y statement,

"Domestically, demand is expected to lose some momentum as reflected in big-ticket items after implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in April.

In addition, Bank Negara in a statement released recently has also cited a more cautious tone on Malaysia's ecenomy with the continued uncertainties surrounding the global economy.

Nevertheless, looking forward, given the ongoing implementation of projects under the 11th Malaysian Plan with an average annual development expenditure of about RM52 billion, it is anticipated that the continued developement expenditure will provide a buffer from possible economic slowdown if external remains unfavourable."

It is believe that the revenue and profit will remain for the next quarter.

3Q15 EPS = RM0.055
Current share price RM0.22 @ 4th January 2016
Current PE 10.6

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