Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alam Maritim Chairman disposed 100,000 shares back to market

Still remember DATO' CAPT AHMAD SUFIAN BIN QURNAIN @ABDUL RASHID acquired Alam Maritim 100,000 shares on 10 Dec 2010 at my previous post??

Now he disposed back all the 100,000 shares to open market again~ sign -_-"

On 10 Dec 2010, he acquired 100,000 shares at the price RM 0.89
On 14 Dec 2010, he disposed 30,000 shares at the price RM 1.04
On 16 Dec 2010, he disposed 25,000 shares at the price RM 1.04
On 17 Dec 2010, he disposed 45,000 shares at the price RM 1.056

Just in one week, Dato earned about RM 15k in open market.

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