Friday, December 24, 2010

Buying high, Selling low!

Every person know that for if you want to earn money in the share market, you must buy low and sell high.

Can we make money if we buy high sell low??

The answer is YES, you might surprise how does it work??

Actually there are some companies out there doing so, those companies buy back company's shares from the market at higher price but they sell the shares to the company executives by lower price by offering ESOS (Employees’ Share Option Scheme).

This is what I mean by buying high, selling low!! This is the way they are earning money.

This type of companies definately will not help any shareholders to create value, what is in their mind is how to create a way to steal the money from shareholder's fund.

This is some sort of legally stealing, use shareholder's money to full their own pocket.

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