Thursday, December 2, 2010

Why Kstar was facing a heavy selldown?

Why Kstar recently was facing a heavy selldown? Does it fundamental change? Or just purely speculative activity?

Humour said the heavy selldown could partly be due to the upcoming lifting of the six-month moratorium imposed on K-Star promoters and other shareholders who had emerged
Well.. It looks like people are losing their mind, the "investor" worry those shareholders who bound by the moratorium will make a heavy selldown to the share, but before the shareholders do it, the "investor" already made it (heavy selldown).

This stock is highly speculative now, and I think there are still some question behind there that we are not able to see it. I think I will avoid it, unless a clear picture is showed.

Maybe now it is a time to look into its balance sheet statement. If it shows it is over undervalue, then I might acquire some.


Polite Market said...

They are not just selling, they are throwing.

Kesh said...

I believe there are some reason behind which we do not know.. What newspaper publish might not be the real reason. It order to sell like this, there must some organized group behind it and control it.

Kstar only have 2 quarters result, so it is hardly to determine its value.

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