Monday, December 6, 2010

Tasco Berhad (formerly Trans-Asia Shiping Corperation Bhd.) 5140

Tasco Bhd. is principally engaged as a total logistics solutions provider while its subsidiary companies are principally involved in the business of truck rental, in-house truck repair and maintenance, insurance agency services and warehouse rental as well as provider of services related to freight forwarding. Our logistics solutions comprises six (6) core business divisions, namely:-

•Ocean Division

•Air Division

•Land Division

•International Freight Division

•Auto Logistics Division

•International Network Solutions Division

From Tasco balance sheet statement, the gross profit margin did show some improvement from year 2006 (18.0%) to year 2009 (22.9%), and with some minor debt. Net profit margin is improving from year 2006 (3.5%) to year 2009 (5.9%).

It show a healthy balance sheet at the moment, but however its revenue is not improving since year 2006 and showed a decreasing in revenue in year 2009 due to global economic slump. This might show that the management cannot cope with the economy downturn. When the economy is good, then it earns; When the economy is bad, then it will be hurt. However since it has a healthy finance, so economy downturn will not cause it troublesome.

Current share price RM 1.37
Latest quarter EPS 5.34, last 4 quarters EPS 20.55
Which equal to PE 6.41 and 6.67

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