Friday, December 17, 2010

How well KNM finance statement is?? beware..

KNM recently is back to hot topic now and speculators are playing with this counter. But beware..

Based on quarter result 30 Sept 2010. (all figure are in million)

Contracts work in progress   RM 456.8
Trade and other receivables  RM 381.5
Cash and equivalents            RM 296.3 (this include advance payment from customer RM 122.6)

Long term borrowings          RM 490.0
Short term borrowings         RM 575.6
Payables and accruals          RM 349.5

Balance                            - RM 280.5  <--- see the sign there.. It is negative RM 280.5 million

How KNM is going to do with this? and how KNM is going to pay its debt??

There is one more thing need to be highlighted, which is KNM's intangible assets and goodwill, both represent RM 645.8 million and RM 820.4 million.. These two figures actually is worth nothing and can be write off anytime for now. If I assume to write off those both figures, then its shareholder's equity only worth RM 296.3 million.

Current outstanding shares is around 1 billion, if shareholder's equity divide with outstanding shares, then it only worth RM 0.293, but you are paying RM 2.67 for it. It is about 9 times of it. It is same like buying a Kancil with BMW price.

Maybe I am wrong here, and maybe there is somemore "insider" news out there, I am not sure, but please play smart with your hard earn money.

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