Friday, February 25, 2011

Do you feel these before~

Do you feel these before:
Why every time you buy the shares, the price drop..
Why every time you sell it, then the price raise...

You think the this share is undervalue, but just because you want to queue at the lower price instead buying straight away one cent higher, after that the price shoot up to nowhere..

and vice versa..

If you confidence this share 90% definitely will grow much in future, but market is looking bad at the short term and the market have the 60% chance to drop back. Then you sell it, you are confidence on 60% instead of the 90%. Do you think funny??

What is the reason people are more confidence on the short term 60% instead of the long term 90%??
If you ever buy good shares before, look back to their price now and the price you disposed early. Then you know the answer.

I was mistake too, I disposed my MAYBANK and GENTING when at the time its price suddenly to shoot up and I was thinking I should sell them first then buy them back later. But after I sold out, I couldn't get it back.. The time I bought both of them at average price RM 4 something~ look at their price now.. :(

Share market is challenging, if you cannot control your emotion, then better do not touch it~

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