Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Latest action by RCECAP director~

Chew Keng Yong

22/02/2011  acquired  450,000 shares
23/02/2011  acquired  300,000 shares
24/02/2011  acquired  700,000 shares
28/02/2011  acquired  800,000 shares


davors said...

this guy had bought big lot of RCECAP since last year and still the share price stood lower and lower...

i wonder what is in his pocket...

Kesh said...

It means he has a lot of money in his pocket and the share price is attracting him~ :p

From the news in media, there is 70% to 80% of the new guildline GP6 and GP7 have settled.

I believe he is confidence to settle those issues else he won't throw his money into sea~

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