Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is it a help for 100% loan for salary RM 3k and below?

Salary RM 3,000
Cash in hand after EPF RM 2,670
Monthly installment for RM 220k house loan is around RM 1,160.
Which is 43% of your monthly salary. Is it the help from government or hell from government?

I do not think by cancel the 10% upfront deposit will help much for our nation youngest to buy their first house. This will only burden them by increase their debt.

Beside that, where can we find a house below RM 220k in KL and selangor area anymore?

Do something that help if not we will do "something" to help us~

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Kris said...

You are correct. 100% loan will not help a bit. But at least can allow the young to buy into low cost housing, etc.

Condo at KL or Penang is out of the way. Not possible to buy anything around RM220K.

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