Sunday, June 1, 2014


Contributions from its plantation and milling divisions will be increasingly significant in future.

It has a plantation development plan over the next 10 to 15 years from 2014 to develop 6000ha of land per year to create more stable future income.

It is already a landlord of 65000ha of land in Kalimantan Tengah Indonesia, CBIP is also planning an expansion of its plantation land bank to 80000ha.

Meanwhile the equipment and engineering division will continue to be the biggest contributor to the company’s earnings at 56% in 2013.

CBIP hopes to extend its lead in the global market with a 30% increase in palm oil mills by acquiring clients.

The company is also planning to use its engineering expertise to venture into a very special area of the oil and gas sector, having acquired a 100% stake in TPG Oil & Gas Sdn Bhd in Jan 2014.

It expects the oil and gas segment will contribute positively to the company’s earnings as early as 2015.

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