Tuesday, June 3, 2014

WCT - RM10 million boost from KLIA2

Its property investment and management division is expected to get at least a rm10 million boost in net profit per year from the opening of Gateway@KLIA2, the retail section of the new LCCT in Sepang.

The additional contribution will help the group meet its target for its property investment and management divisions, under which its mall operations fall, to increase its contribution to 25% of WCT’s net profit by 2015 from 10% currently (May 2014).

However this would see contributions from its contribution division dropping to 45% and property development to 30% contribution to its net profit.

Its future will be on the property investment and management businesses,

WCT’s construction order book remains sufficient at rm2 billion and it will attempt to replenish its order book in the coming years from 2014.

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