Friday, June 6, 2014

YTL Corp - expanding its footprint abroad

After many years of expanding its footprint abroad, it has shifted its focus hack to the home from to reap the value of its investment across Malaysiua’s infra infra cycle, spurred by the ETP.

YTL is shifting its focus from growth via acquisition abroad to growth via execution at home.

Construction is poised to be a new potential earnings catalyst for YTL Corp, kicking off with the award of the Track 4A project. Its order book could also swell further with the possible award of the RM8 billion ERL extension to Melaka and rm30 billion HSR link to Singapore.

At 10.3 times FY2015 PER, YTL’s valuations are the cheapest among the conglomerates not just in Malaysia but also in the region. Further potential earnings upside come from a growing order book, higher passenger numbers on the ERL to KLIA2 and the turnaround of its 4G mobile broadband division with the roll out of its time division LTE services over the next two years from 2014.

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